The Cuban-American Association of Civil Engineers Inc. (CAACE) is a non-profit corporation organized under the law of the State of Florida; on March 4th, 1961. It was originally named “Association of Cuban Civil Engineers in Exile, Inc.”

The purpose of the association is:

  • To assist members in the maintenance of the highest professional engineering skills and to aid the members in retaining and exercising said skills.
  • To maintain and support the highest principles of professional engineering achievements.
  • To obtain the advancement of the science and profession of engineering.

The Non-Profit Corporation is funded by membership dues, corporate sponsors, public events and private donations. Community involvement includes local government technical boards and committees, social services and charitable organizations etc. Guest speakers at our monthly meetings present talks on technical, cultural or other topics of both national and local importance. C-AACE is administered by a Board of Directors which serve two-year terms



Shortly after its takeover in 1959, the communist regime in Cuba began to ban all professional organizations. Established in 1940, the ” Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles de Cuba” (Association of Cuban Civil Engineers) was no exception. During the chaotic period that followed; the dreams, hopes, and expectations of an entire nation were shattered. Unconscionable cruelty, reminiscent of the most heinous political systems throughout human history; forced hundreds of thousands of Cuban citizens into exile. The presence of Civil Engineers was quite significant among the massive waves of exiles reaching the shores of this great American nation.

The Cuban American Association of Civil Engineers Inc. a not-for-profit organization originally named “Association of Cuban Civil Engineers in Exile, Inc.”, proudly maintains a legacy of over forty years of service to this country and, in particular, to the South Florida community. Founded in Miami in 1961, membership originally was open only to Civil Engineers that had formerly exercised their profession in Cuba, and who agreed with the goals of the Association. The original goals were two-fold; to unite and coordinate the efforts of their members in order to restore a democratic government in Cuba within the precepts of the 1940 Constitution of Cuba and to assist members in the arduous task of incorporating their valued professional skills into the newly adopted society.

Today, the Article of Incorporation and Bylaws no longer reflect any political purpose. Membership requirements are quite liberal and not based on national origin. Nonetheless, a large portion of our members continues to be of Cuban heritage and committed to the rights of all people to live in a free and democratic society.

Our Association is committed to promoting the highest levels of professionalism for its members. It works laboriously in securing respect for all professionals and in fostering a social environment where professionalism can flourish.

Members of our organization frequently serve on numerous local government technical boards and committees, as well as many community social service and charitable organizations. In addition, guest speakers at our monthly meetings present talks on technical, cultural or other topics of both national and local importance.

Colegio en cuba (CAACE in Cuba)

Colegio de Ingenieros civiles de Cuba. Situado en el Vedado, en la esquina de la calle  O y 17. Actualmente se encuentra ahí el Ministerio de Educacion.

Si observan aun conserva el escudo del Colegio, está situado en la parte alta de la pared de color gris, que remata la fachada por el lado derecho. En una de las fotos se aprecia mejor el escudo.


IMG_0760 IMG_0759 IMG_0757 IMG_0758 IMG_0756





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