Student Chapter Presentations


Our Mission Statement:

To practice the Civil Engineering profession with the freedom and liberty that is attainable through the competitive process available by assisting others to recognize their potentials.

Our Vision:

We achieve our objectives by establishing our goals to the potential and capacity of our members through activities, as such, keynote speakers at monthly dinners, community involvement, scholarships, and other similar events.

Our Future:

  • To continue in our forefathers quest of the highest professional engineering skills and to aid the members in retaining and exercising said skills.
  • To continue to protect, maintain and support the highest principles of professional engineering achievements.
  • To obtain the advancement of the arts, science and profession of engineering.
  • Recruiting new Student and young Civil Engineers such as yourselves to continue our legacy into the future.


2009 Florida International University Presentation

2012 Florida International University Presentation


Informational Session


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