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Membership Requirements (by member type)



° Have Graduated as Civil Engineer from a University acceptable to the Executive Committee.

Student Members

° Be a student with junior or senior standing in Civil Engineering in a University acceptable to the Executive committee.

Life Members

° A member who became physically disable to his or her Profession and shall be exempted from exercise of dues.

° A member who has been graduated from a Civil Engineering curriculum for a minimum of fifty years and shall  exempt from payment of dues.

Honorary Members

° A person who shall or has attained acknowledged eminence in some branch of Engineering or in the Arts and

° Science related thereto including in the fields of engineering education and construction.

Associated Members

° A person who is associated with the profession of engineering, arts and science.

Corporate Membership

° Any corporate associated with the profession of engineering arts and science.

° The corporation shall designate an individual to be the contact between said corporation and CAACE.


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